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Moving to Portugal doesn't require any magic tricks πŸ§™πŸΌ

Are you a freelancer or remote worker looking for a perfect base to establish your business and call home? Look no further than Portugal! This sun-soaked paradise is becoming the ultimate destination for digital nomads, thanks to its unbeatable location, vibrant economy, and a low cost of living.

However, setting up your business in a new country can be challenging, and navigating Portuguese tax laws can be a headache. Don't let that slow you down - Portugal OS has got you covered. Created by freelancers for freelancers, our comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to setting up your business in Portugal. Our expert team understood the intricacies of Portuguese laws, so you can trust us to guide you through the process with ease.

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Going through the instructions and completing the steps to become self-employed may take you just as long as finding and consulting with proficient lawyers and accountants. Save time and money by using this all-in-one guide instead of paying for separate fees.

The fees listed above are typically what you can expect to be quoted by professional consultants, accountants, or lawyers. While it is easy to complete the process on your own, it may be helpful to seek expert guidance on certain steps if your situation is very specific. We have partnered with experts who offer excellent value for money services and we can put you in touch with them through the contact form in our guide if desired.

What you get with the Portugal OS Guide πŸ“–

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide on becoming a freelancer, from getting a visa to billing your first client.

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Expert sourced guidance on how to setup in Portugal without the high price tag

Answers to all your questions with our comprehensive FAQ and dedicated support team.

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As a freelancer who arrived in Portugal in 2023, I was looking for a way to easily and confidently set up my business here. That's when I found Portugal OS. As a beta tester, I was able to access their comprehensive guide and in just a few weeks, I was able to launch my business and start invoicing my clients. I was drawn to Portugal for the tax benefits and thanks to Portugal OS, I was able to make the most of them. I highly recommend this guide for anyone looking to set up their freelancing activity in Portugal."

William, Search engine marketing consultant


I was paying high monthly fees to my accountant for filling out compliant invoices and social security statements. But when I found Portugal OS and accessed their guide as a beta tester, I was blown away. I realised that it would take me just as much time to send my expenses and customer invoices to my accountant and explain the details through email as it would be to do it myself. So I cancelled my accounting service in the end of the year and haven't looked back since. Portugal OS makes it easy to understand and navigate the process of running a freelancing business in Portugal. I highly recommend it.

Erwan, IT project manager

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Our guide also includes bonus information about the challenges and issues that self-employed individuals may face in Portugal, such as obtaining a private health insurance, unemployment benefits, and shutting down your activity. As we continue to receive feedback and new questions from the community, we will update the guide with up-to-date and accurate information.

Still have questions ? We’ve go you covered

How do I know if the Portugal OS guide is right for me?

The Portugal OS guide is designed for freelancers and remote workers looking to set up a self-employed business in Portugal. If you are interested in starting a freelancing business in Portugal, our guide may be right for you.

Is the Portugal OS guide only for EU citizens?

The guide is relevant for both EU and non-EU citizens, although it requires for non-Eu citizens to have a visa.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the guide?*

Yes, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you can clearly demonstrate that our guide did not allow you to successfully start your self-employed activity in Portugal and that we were unable to provide support and solutions for your situation, we will gladly refund the price of the guide. Please note that in order to receive a refund, you will need to discontinue access to the guide.

Is the guide constantly updated with the latest information on self-employment in Portugal?

We strive to keep the guide up-to-date with the latest information on self-employment in Portugal. As we continue to receive feedback and new questions from the community, we will update the guide with accurate and relevant information.

Can I get support if I have questions or run into issues while using the guide?

Yes, we have a dedicated support team available to answer any questions you may have while using the guide.

How do I access the guide after purchasing it?

After purchasing the guide, you will receive access instructions via email. You can then log in to the secure online platform to access the guide.

Are there any additional costs beyond the one-time fee for the guide?

There are no additional costs beyond the one-time fee for the guide.

Is the guide only available in English?

Currently, the guide is only available in English.

Can the guide help me with obtaining a private health insurance and unemployment benefits in Portugal?

The guide covers information on obtaining a private health insurance and unemployment benefits in Portugal.

Can the guide assist with shutting down my self-employed activity in Portugal?

Yes, the guide includes information on shutting down your self-employed activity in Portugal.